Why Do People Choose SculpSure Over CoolSculpting?

Nearly anyone who tries to lose weight has those “problem areas”: those love handles or extra tummy weight that just won’t go away.

For years, the only non-surgical option was CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting works by “freezing” away stubborn fat deposits. The problem is that the procedure is often uncomfortable—if not downright painful. It causes bruising and often leaves visible marks (or divots) after the procedure. However, many people opted for the discomfort and inconvenience because, aside from actual surgery, they had no other choice.

Until now.

FDA-approved SculpSure is the next generation in body contouring. While CoolSculpting works by pulling, sucking, and cooling fat between two plates, SculpSure’s applicators rest comfortably on your skin, melting away the fat while keeping your skin cool. (Some patients even report enjoying the sensation.)

Because SculpSure can use up to four applicators at a time, the procedure can treat twice the skin area as CoolSculpting, but takes less than half the time—only 25 minutes!

Plus, SculpSure leaves no visible marks. Because the heat from the treatment radiates or feathers away from the applicators, your skin is left nice and smooth.

(After all, what good is it to lose your belly fat if you can’t look good in a bikini?)

You will start to see a visible difference in 6 weeks and will notice maximum results by the end of another 6 weeks.

And because you don’t need any recovery time from SculpSure, you could have the procedure done during your lunch break and go right back to work!

Do you want to lose weight with no drawbacks, no skin divots, no discomfort, in only 25 minutes?

SculpSure is the only body contouring treatment for you!

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